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Linda, you've hit on a really important human failing...to lose momentum after an invigorating professional experience. Thanks for these helpful tips for leveraging those experiences effectively.

Linda Dessau

Thanks for your comment, Elizabeth. I'm glad you found the post helpful.

Emily S Hammer

Great post! I try so hard to block time writing. Perhaps I'll create a day for it and only write.. Thanks for the inspiration!

Linda Dessau

Hi Emily - keep at it and you'll get there! Thanks for the comment.

Nick Stamoulis

These are some great tips. For me, it is important to jot down every blog idea to come back to later. Inspiration can come during a meeting or an impromptu chat by the water cooler. As long as I have it written down, I know that I can work with the idea when it comes time to writing a blog post.

Linda Dessau

Hi Nick, thanks for your comment. Great point. You just never know where the inspiration for your next post will come from.

Trudy Van Buskirk

I do what Nick does. I have a folder on my computer called Blogging and inside it a Word document called blogging ideas where I type all my blog ideas.

Also for my email, I created a folder called blogging ideas and move newsletters I get that give me an idea in there.

I'm never at a loss for ideas!

Linda Dessau

Hi Trudy, those are great ideas! I also get a lot of writing inspiration from my Inbox. It's good to have a system so you always know where to find those snippets that you've saved.

Debra Marrs

Great tips, Linda. Similar to Nick, I have a shallow drawer next to my desk. Because I read a lot of print (offline) content, I tear snippets and drop them into the drawer for later inspiration. Once a week, I browse the papers, toss some, and write using at least one or two ideas. I love having jumpstarts like that and the ones you mention. With that impetus, we're due for another Virtual Blog Writing Day, don't you think?

Linda Dessau

Hi Debra, I can just picture the satisfaction of thumbing through the physical papers like a box of treasures. And it's especially important that you've scheduled a time for going through them - otherwise our piles can get out of hand, don't you find? P.S. Yes, another Virtual Blog Writing Day is definitely in order!

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