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Stephanie Rainbow Bell

I have used a program called FREEDOM (http://macfreedom.com/about) but hadn't heard of FOCUS BOOSTER which has a more visually appealing interface and some xtra features! Thanks AGAIN Denise for such USEFUL, PRACTICAL info! So rare these days, and SOOOO appreciated! :)

Rainbow Blessings!
Stephanie Rainbow Bell, The Shame Buster


Certainly a great post and answering the question which you mention about yourself and why you are writing the content for your blog that's been really helpful conveying the message which you want to deliver. Also planning before publishing the blog post also plays very important role.

Neil Friedman

My bogs have been confined to subjects that I have intimately been involved with, and have some expertise. More than anything, it is hard for me to capitalize on by achieving my goal of developing a readership.


It's good to read very important point for virtual blogging day. With this article you have suggest 'Focus Booster' I like a lot coz without any goal, there is no point to write. I never really thought about it that way, but I guess that is why I never really got good opportunities.


Good post, useful tips.
Thanks for sharing it.

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