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Hi Linda!

Great points and I think its depends on the blogger how they get the idea and I love rain that's where I get most of my idea came and I think when you are free from your mind than you can get to more ideas and for that surely some times weather depends on them.

Linda Dessau

Thanks for your comments, Ayaz. I also wrote an earlier post about the creative power of water: http://www.contentmasteryguide.com/2008/08/the-creative-po.html

Vincent Clarke

Thanks for the tips Linda! I think it can be very easy to fall into a blogging rut after a little while, especially if you feel like your blogging skills and your reader engagement aren't growing. But, as you point out, you can't stop! You have to just keep blogging and find new ways to inspire and push yourself to grow yourself and your blog.

Florin Muresan

This is a very nice metaphorical idea about how to keep your blog always updated. It is very important to give your readers fresh and interesting information. You have to take care of your blog, but also your readers. Readers are like plants, and if they don't have rain and sunshine, they die, such as your blog.

Erica Swanson

THANK YOU! I am a new blogger, I learned a lot about blogging and started off OK. But I have been in a huge slump lately. I stumbled across this article and it lead me to about 10 others. I feel confident because I was on the right track, but I have also learned a lot to keep me going. This will absolutely be a blog that I follow, not because it relates to my industry but because it helps fuel my ideas.

Linda Dessau

Thanks for your comment, Erica, and good luck!

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