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Louise Myers Graphic Design

Valuable tips on comment spam, Denise! I've been using Akismet only and have found it to be pretty accurate. I rarely see a comment that I consider spam get thru, and only once found a legitimate comment removed (the commenter had used a keyword as their name, so to Akismet that was spam - but I knew her).

My big question - if this perhaps gives you an idea for a future post - is about pingbacks. I find it difficult to take the time to check the site and decide if I should approve them - so unless I see something from a site I know, I generally just delete them. Not sure how useful they are - one of those things I don't quite "get" yet!


Denise, what do you recommend for a Wordpress blog that has Akismet but is receiving thousands of Trackbacks?

Donna Merrill

Good information especially since Googl's crackdown. I am super careful these days about comments. I usually know the people who come to my blog. I have a good Wordpress plugin that works well with spam. But lately, I have to be careful about their commentLuv. If it is connected to a sales site, I either block it or just delete the commentluv.
Thanks for the heads up

Denise Wakeman

Susan, under the Discussion Settings on your blog, you can uncheck the option to get ping and trackback notifications and that should take care of it.

Boris Mahovac - Linkedin to the MAX!


I rely solely on Akismet. It has filtered thousands of spam with only an occasional false positive, and no misses, as far as I can remember.

Additionally I have a setting that allows a comment author with a previously approved comment to post new comments without being moderated.

These two things allow me to only have to deal with replying to actual comments and not having to worry about spam.

Alana Price

Denise, what are your thoughts on Disqus? It seems like one of the most popular commenting systems out there, but I don't really know anything about how they deal with spam, just that they're really interactive.

Linda Daniels

Thank you for the post Denise, I have tried several different Captcha plugins on our Wordpress blog but they all seem to be lacking in one area or another. I have not found the perfect one yet. I would also like to hear your thoughts on Disqus.

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