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Thomas Tucker

With all due respect, as someone who regularly reads articles on content marketing, I am moved to say that this article, in my opinion, failed to fulfill the promise of the headline.

The article failed to deliver enough value, and was very light on specifics.

The article was really nothing more than an advertisement for an upcoming webinar.

This blog post, which is itself content marketing, about content marketing, should deliver more value to readers.

I have been a longtime RSS subscriber to "Build a Better Blog", and for the most part I've felt as though the gals running the blog have done a good job of providing value and interesting content.

This ad, I mean article, left me feeling disappointed.


Good article but won't posting the same article on Ezines just flag-up a duplicate content issue and end up getting your blog penalised by Google?


I believe one of the most important challenges before a blogger is figuring out how to enrich and add value to the audience and in so doing to stand out from the pack in a meaningful way.

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