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Denise Wakeman

I tend to get a lot of ideas when I'm running. Hard to jot them down, but I use Evernote to capture ideas so frequently I'll just record my idea with my phone so I don't forget. Love your post, Linda...blog on!

Linda Dessau

Very cool, Denise. I've used the Dragon Dictation app on my phone to speak/email ideas to myself. I'm usually moving a lot slower than you, though!

Jeff Korhan

Thanks for sharing Linda. I suppose what we are saying is there are all kinds of ways to keep our writing fresh!

Denise - I use running and biking to "edit." Nothing gets written down of course, but I've found it's a great time to rethink how to make an article even better - such as a better opening or closing line.

Linda Dessau

Thanks for the comment, Jeff. That's why it's so helpful to have the space to come back and improve a post, instead of pressuring ourselves to start, finish and publish all in one sitting!


Interesting idea. Not a fan of the whole "new age" meditation thing myself but I agree re-reading your draft away from the computer is helpful. It allows you to scribble notes all over it as well...

psychic readings

Thanks for sharing. I find meditation to be a healing experience where you're able to connect with your inner thoughts. It does take a few attempts to be able to shut off from the outside world though!

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