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Your site is an endless source of valuable blogging tips. I am trying hard to improve my blog traffic (I currently have about 19000 page views a month) and your suggestions determined me to keep on trying. Everybody tells me my blog is astonishing but...I suppose I could use a harsher and hopefully more objective critique. Kisses and thank you.

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I have to agree. Your business should be more than a diary since your customer need to know more about your business and not about you. Also, having a professional website can help expose your business to thousands of potential new clients and will really increase your sales.


I agree, posting personal updates on business blog is not a bad idea. However, it will not contribute a lot on business growth. Business blog should provide useful information like tips in running a business, recommended technology for business,latest and trending business news. Remember, people are searching for information that can help them, if you provide that information they keep coming back to your blog and hopefully become your client.

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