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DeAnna Troupe

That was a great example! I totally get it. I'm working on balancing personal and professional. Great post.

Linda Dessau

Thanks, DeAnna - I'm so glad it was helpful.


Great food for thought. I've always thought of my life as boring and not really worthy of writing about, but this past month has been full of surprises and I guess I need to learn how to incorporate that into my blog.

Your example of the deodorant was a good example for me - it got me thinking about my own life. THANKS!


I liked this post, probably because I agree with it. I know I am not maximising my SEO because of my titles, but although the blog is for business, it is my passion and the titles are meaningful to me.

Getting the balance right is the most important thing.

Linda Dessau

Thanks, Julie. I bet you'll find more to write about than you think you will. Keep us posted!


I like your thought Linda and it reminds me of my previous mistakes on treating professional and personal ways while doing my blogs. I have learned it already and will manage to get it balance although sometimes I really can't take some part of it.


hmmm.. I just learn about blogging...

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