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Sharyn Sheldon

Denise, Thanks for posting my article!

I should also mention that mindmaps are great for brainstorming ideas for articles in the first place. Then you can break out each one into a new mindmap. Some people don't even bother writing their article, they just dictate it from the points and then have someone else write it up.

Would love to get others' thoughts and ideas.

- Sharyn

Blogging tips

Thanks Sharyn Sheldon for this unique post, Mindmaping is a great way to create High quality content. Example you have given is truly amazing. A rare content that i ever come across.


Great article! I love mind maps once I started to understand them more.

I actually did quite the mind map on my flight home from NAMS this past week for a project I'm working on.

Side question: I'm trying to email an iThoughtsHD mind map to myself from the iPad but it's just not working. Are there any tricks for that to work?

Tom Treanor

Thanks for the post. This inspired me to try mind maps one more time. I used it to brainstorm all of the posts I plan to write and it worked well for me so I appreciate the reminder!


very informative article. Writing content sounds easy now. Thanks to the mind maps. No more wasting time wondering where to start.


Richard F. Sands

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