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This is an excellent post. I do see a lot of lazy linking. It's important to make those links as relevant as possible. You could write a whole post on any one if the important topics within this post. A great read. Thank you.

The DragonSearch Online Marketing manual

Christian, you bring up lots of good tips for bloggers. However, I think it's worth mentioning the value of plug-ins that specifically help optimize your blog posts for google search. Do you have a favorite SEO plug-in that you use?

Jhacky Torreon

Thanks for taking time for sharing this article; it was excellent and very informative. Though you make some very fascinating points, you’re going to have to do more than bring up a few things that may be different than what we’ve already heard. Continue with the great work on the site. Thank you.


Good strategies and good fundas..
I think one must follow these strategies for good blogging.

Orlando SEO

having variations of your meta description for each page i believe is really important. many people over look this and use the same description throughout the site.


Agree about the descriptions. A LOT OF people forget this step, even though it is one of the many parts you should be paying attention to with on-page SEO. If you are not doing these things you will need to start!

Richard F. Sands

This is a great article it shows every information or advice I needs for a SEO Marketing Strategies.

Finding keywords

I would like to add to this list with linking tightly within your posts to your other content that is loosely keyword related. A tightly linked website is both sticky and search engine friendly.

Spot On SEO

As an SEO specialist I couldnt agree more with what has been said but I would like to add my 2 cents on this. Do not use the same anchor text in your links the recent panda updates are penalising sites for this practise. Instead structure your anchor texts in a natural way. Also try and link to sites that have the rel="no follow" attribute to about 1/5th of your overall total linking sites. This has much cudos with Google and promotes your sites authority over time as it sees it as "more natural linking"

louis vuitton bags

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