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Denise Wakeman

I removed the dates from my blog at http://denisewakeman.com a couple of months ago. To date, not one person has complained or mentioned it. I rarely look at dates on blog posts though I do understand the reason for keeping dates, especially if one's blog is news oriented, publishes multiple times per day or publishes content that changes rapidly. If you are publishing evergreen content, then I don't think it's as important.

Maggie Anderson

I agree Denise. More than that, in a year or two I think we will be publishing timely, valuable content that is found through social media rather than developing a list we publish to weekly or monthly (or daily, as Seth Godin does!) Do you see email lists going away?

Linda Dessau

Thanks Denise, it's interesting to hear the results from your own dateless blogging experiment.

John Trosko

Truthfully, my head is spinning at the thought of this. I've already undergone the most extensive blog make-over since I started blogging about my professional services on Typepad in 2005 (I credit Denise for making me take the plunge). I can't imagine losing the date feature. I realize now based on your post, that I may be the only one caring about that feature. I think these days, less IS more.

John aka OrganizingLA

Linda Dessau

Interesting, John. That seems to be the conclusion Denise came to after trying it out on her site (that her readers neither noticed nor cared). Personally, I DO care about the dates, and I'm leaving them on. At least for now...

Even though I believe that dates are the least useful (for readers) way to categorize your posts in the sidebar, I enjoy the reference they can provide for both me and the reader.


Timely topic for me. (No pun intended.) When I started, each post had a date. Then I experimented with non-dated. In the end, I went back to dates. My reason? When I wrote about my experiences with things like using social media to promote blog posts, I had information that would change over time. I didn't want to confuse my reader with a post that had old information that didn't apply anymore.

I have never used the archives in the sidebar. What motivation is it for someone to click on June 2009? It gives them not a clue about what they will find. I like tags much better, so readers can click on a topic and instantly find everything I've written about it. If I do discover more benefits to going undated, I'll consider it again. I DO, however, like the idea of have evergreen or cornerstone content, or whatever term people use for those posts that are timeless, the ones that will always apply. Haven't done that yet on my blog but I plan to.

Linda Dessau

Thanks for your comment, Judy. That's an important point about keeping information in context.


I took the dates off my blog posts a couple of months ago and haven't had any comments about it either way. My reason was to get more people to read 'older' posts that I feel still provide good information but that were possibly being regarded as dated and therefore no longer relevant.

Interestingly, a couple of months before doing this, I had reduced the number of new posts from 3 to 1 per week. This resulted in a reduction of visitors. However once the dates were taken away, visitor numbers rose again, and have evened out across the week.

Judy is so right about the importance of developing evergreen content and, having removed the dates, I'm much more conscious of not including posts about holidays or events when promoting older posts via social media.

Linda Dessau

Thanks for your comments, Louise!

Elizabeth Cottrell

What a great conversation. As a blog reader, I really want to see dates on an article about technology or product/software evaluation, because the relevance of these kinds of articles changes so quickly. But on posts about evergeen topics it doesn't matter at all. Based on the perspectives shared here, I'm going to try removing the dates from my own for awhile and see.

Since I have five major sub-topics to my overall theme, I have a second menu below my header that is based on those five categories. When you click on one, it will link to all the posts in that category. This makes it easier for someone looking for a narrower range of posts.

I really appreciate the tips on ways to help readers discover your older posts.

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