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Trevor Cross

your right, we know it all, we just look for an easier way, It's just procrastination. However there is outsourcing!?

Cheryl Pickett

Thanks for the motivational part of this post Adam and I agree with much of what you said. However, I also disagree that I know it all already and just need to go do it. I think a lot of people are in my shoes. We don't really understand even though we've read lots and lots of advice as you mentioned. Maybe I/we just haven't found the right resource.

What I mean by know vs understand:

1. Plenty of people talk about the keyword tool, I know it's a good tool, but I don't understand which words to go after of the 100 it gives me. And if they're all "high" competition, should I bother?

2. I know I need to put keywords in the spaces the All in One SEO pack provides for me, but I don't understand which to put where.

3. I know about tags and categories but not necessarily how to use them correctly, how not to over or under use them.

I know SEO is beneficial, that it is not the be all end all, but I feel I could understand it much better. Yes, this is partly semantics, but I think there are a lot of people who are still looking for actionable answers even though we know a lot already.

Again, thanks for the reminder and encouragement.

Account Deleted

Great post thanks for sharing information..

Elizabeth Cottrell

What a relief to hear this from the expert. One more "bright shiny thing" we can stop searching for "out there somewhere" and just concentrate on what we do best. Thanks!

Adam Stetzer, Ph.D.

Excellent questions. Perhaps I was a little hyperbolic in my statement... It was only meant to help people get "un-stuck". You know, "too much analysis leads to paralysis" kinda stuff... :-)

1) My best SEO advice on keyword selection is actually to use PPC from Google Adwords. I know, it sounds odd. But PPC will get you traffic on a specific keyword in one afternoon. You may spend months or years trying to get that organic ranking. Why not pilot test the keywords you THINK might be good for you with a small budget in Adwords. The trick here is to use EXTREMELY CAREFUL measurement to know if they are "working." Once you do this with a list of 100 keywords in Adwords, you will know which 10 are the best for you. Then SEO those 10 words.

2) It's not that complicated. The Google spiders are not as advanced as people think. They see the words on your page and discern what your page is about. So, put the keywords in appropriate places around your page - BUT DON'T do anything unnatural. The All-In-One pack will help you with this. But don't spend too much time here. Just get some words in the page and move on.

3) Again - You are over thinking this. Matt Cutts has told us that shallow sites are easier for Google to read than deep sites. Don't make too many levels or think too much about advanced hierarchies. Matt also says to give the spiders at least 3 paths to every page. On a blog, for me, that means a tag, category and calendar (or archive) link. There you have it. Again - Don't overthink this.

MaAnna Stephenson

One of the things that has really helped me is to realize that it's a lot easier to get a page on my site to #1 than it is to get my whole site ranked for specific keywords. To do that, I hit hot news topics in my niche quickly and max on-page SEO. The posts where I do this get to the front page of Google the next day and remain some of the top search-engine traffic generators on my site for months afterward. For those posts, I already know the phrases folks are going to be using for search and have to do very little keyword research. One recent example is "new in WordPress 3.3." However, it's a lot tougher to rank my site for 'WordPress training" which is a goal, but has much stiffer competition. I'll take the 10k hits from that one page, thank you, and call it a good day for my site.


I agree! It's time to get to work!

Search Engine Optimization Seattle

I am really impressed about your ideas and knowledge about blog engine. Looking forward to see more of your post. Good Luck! :)

Baadier Sydow

Couldnt agree with you more Adam. It takes time and patience. Many of the bloggers I have spoken to post a ton of comments and directory submissions and then expect to move up in the rankings the next day. I think one of the causes of this is unscrupulous seo consultants that spread these magic seo myths,

Search Engine Optimization Seattle

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