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The Franchise King

Thanks a lot, Mitch. And thank you, Denise, for allowing a guest post that's really basic..and really important.

Back to basics; it's for all of us to do once in awhile.

The Franchise King®

Saidul A Shaari

Excellent post! Sometimes it is nice to have somebody reminding us of the good old basics. :)


Thanks for the clarity, Mitch. I just started a blog and am still kind of open-ended on what I want to do with it, given my diverse interests. Kind of wondering if it is possible to just 'be myself' and generate revenue.


Mitch, thanks for the post. Always good to go back and look at the cornerstone of your blog to make sure you are still on the path you has originally intended.

mike mcdermaid

Hey just wanted to say that I found your blog very helpful seeing as how I am trying to learn as much as possible about blogging and what to write about and what content to use! Thanks

Chris London

Great post indeed, I actually never knew how many blogs get "abandoned" which is quite vital information as I am preparing a presentation about the importance of blogging! Thanks!

Cliff House

I couldn't agree with you more. Most people are under the impression all it takes to create a quality blog is simply write good stuff. Yet we know that without promoting your space and get it out there, the idea of sharing is stultified.

Anne athanne

Some talented individuals always make plans before starting anything new including a new website or internet business or before doing something as simple (or not) as a WordPress upgrade. These people make sure they know every single step in detail before actually undertaking the project, even though this might cost them 5-10 minutes of their time.

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