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Google Sniper Scam

What an excellent article you have written here. I really enjoyed reading through all of it and have bookmarked your website so I can come back to it in the future. It's so great to finally find someone who takes the time to research their topic and write a quality article about it. Too many people put up blogs with nothing useful or worth reading, So thanks again for not being one of those people. Will be back soon to read more.

Wilson Usman

Seems like everywhere I turn my head there is Social Triggers, Damn you Derek...Kiddinggggg

He's an amazing person and really knows what he's talking about. I respect him a ton for being original and putting out the most amazing content on the web related to psychology and marketing

Dr H Kim Vo

I would definitely take some time to study the video blog. Hope to learn even more about blogging.

Jim Daniels

Thanks for sharing this. As an Internet marketer since 1996 I'm just getting into social media more so I can help my own subscribers with their website marketing. Social Triggers is something I need to tell them about!


Thanks for sharing all seven blog reviews, Denise. I'll start reviewing them one by one and will try to implement some of the tips that I find there. :D


I think the best way to increase conversation in your blog is keeping on track with the readers and commentators on your post. Having a conversation with them or answering their question would leave a good impression to you. They'll find you very friendly and active blogger.

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