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Pamela Hazelton

Not a burning question, really, but I've found that if you build trust, then readers will be happy to use your affiliate links when they decide to try/buy a product. Honesty goes a long way...

Jackie Dishner

I hope you will offer a webinar. The biggest challenge I see is getting started. What's the best first step to take?


I wish every speaker put this much thought and effort into their presentations Denise.

Thank you for setting a good example 8).

Wayne Groner

My biggest challenge is converting blog visitors to paying clients. I'm a personal historian and help people write their memoirs or life story. Most people think I should do that for free. I prefer to be paid.

Chase Sherman

What is the best way to go about building relationships with bloggers with the ultimate intention of creating new business?

amy parmenter

Denise - first, looking forward to meeting you at bwe. Second, i'm going to have to say how to make money doing blogs that are not about blogging -- besides just the affiliate links to books related to the subject, which i can't imagine is big coin. most of the more profitable blogs i see are ABOUT blogging or blog marketing. Just my two cents...

Amy Parmenter
The ParmFarm

Kathryn McKinnon

Power Blogging using a blog template would help people. Something that would include best converting headlines, list of most powerful converting words, what to include in the opening sentence, body copy and closing sentence, where to put the calls to action and how many, adding basic SEO, what you do to make it go viral, etc. I'd like to see a basic framework for the best converting blogs with statistics and examples within many niches. What basic elements went into these blogs that made them convert to sales every time? That would make a powerful addition to your presentation.
Thanks for asking Denise.
Best of luck at the Expo!

Cheryl Pickett

One of my biggest questions/concerns is always pricing a product. Coming up with something usually isn't an issue, it's how much do I need to put in to be able to charge X amount etc.

I think part of this stems from so many people offering stuff like $1500 in bonuses for a $200 product. When I see those, I always wonder why they need so many bonuses? Doesn't the product stand on its own? After all, you don't buy a waffle maker at the store and get dinner service for 8 and a week's supply of groceries.

Early bird specials and things of that nature are different, those I understand but also within reason.

To me, piling on ultimately decreases the value of the original item. The more we do that, I'm concerned less people will be willing to pay for our information at all in the long run.

Hopefully, you can find a useful question in there somewhere :-)

Phyllis Goldberg

on our blog we're most concerned about emotional profit - that is, how to engage busy boomer women enough so they'll ask questions and share their ideas. Right now the collateral we're building is not financial, but trust.

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