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Denise Wakeman

I forgot to mention in the post that this idea was inspired by Chris Brogan. I saw a post on his G+ stream last night asking who wanted to be included on his marketing circle. I thought it was a great idea (kind of like opt-in email) so I created a form on Google Docs to capture your Google IDs.

Melody Thacker

I saw Chris Brogan's post too and thought it was brilliant. You are in my Business contacts circle because you share info that's helpful to me for my business. I think I'm going to follow the leaders and do the same for some of my circles.

Stephanie LH Calahan aka @StephCalahan

I saw the post from Chris too and laughed because Google+ cut off any more comments when the number hit 500 so I could not reply. I went to the next open post of his and commented there and then saw a number of people do the same.

So far, I have created circles that match the lists (both private and public) that I have in Facebook and Twitter. I find that grouping my connections helps me to better communicate with those in the groups. So, in my case, everyone gets a circle. In some cases, you may be in more than one circle of mine. (For example, Denise, you are in my "marketing/social media", "I guest blogged","business owner", "West Coast" etc. circles) By keeping categories consistent across the platforms, I'm not confused and I can easily see where I have people that are connecting on more than one platform.

I like the idea of creating circles where I'll only publish info of a certain kind as well. Looking forward to your experiment.

There was a question posted out on Quora (another new one to the social scene that I know many of us are trying out) that discussed the creation of circles. Interesting answers were shared too.

To your success!

Margie Mintz

Hi Denise,
I'd be happy to add you to my circles. I'd like to ask if you'd send me an invitation first, however.
Thanks so much.


Our company uses Google+ a lot, mainly for the circles and hangout applications. I would be interested in joining your circle!



We at fileinspect are using google+ and we'd like to add you into our circles.

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