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Kristi Hines

I created a customized RSS feed to pull both my blog posts and guest posts I do elsewhere into the WordPress app, that way I'm showcasing my writing all around, not just on my blog. LinkedIn can definitely do great things with traffic if you work with it just right!


Great post Denise. I think sometimes those of us who are out there everyday take these tips for granted but they are so important. I can also say that creating your own group is quite powerful for building interest and traffic to your blog content!

Denise Wakeman

@Kristi - you always have a cool trick up your sleeve. Love how you leverage your content.

@Steph - totally agree. Even those of us in the trenches (me) are prone to forgetting or overlooking the obvious ways to get more exposure and reach new people.

Melanie Kissell @SoloMompreneur

Killer post!

Although I'm a big fan of Twitter and Facebook ...

I've been spending a lot more time on LinkedIn, as of late, and I feel like I've discovered a whole new world.

Because of the B2B nature of LinkedIn, I'm experiencing far more interaction amongst group members and a much greater willingness to engage in conversations versus other social media venues.

Lovin' LinkedIn! And really jazzed to be a member of your new group, "Online Visibility Boost For Entrepreneurs". People are going to flock to it like flies to honey! :)

Regarding an LI Share Button for your blog ...

Can you install the "Sexy Bookmarks" plugin on Typepad? The LinkedIn icon will allow you and your readers to share your posts with LinkedIn groups as well as individual members. This is one of my all-time favorite plugins.

Keeping my fingers crossed,

nancy meadows

Once again, Denise, invaluable info. I'm brand new to social networking and trying to get a handle on it all. Consequently,I lap up your advice as a cat does creme!

Jeff Herring - The Article Marketing Guy

Denise - love these top 7 tips! You and I are taking the same course and I learned 2 things from this post that I had missed in the course..

Thanks much! See you next month at NAMS!

~ Jeff

Nancy Boyd

Denise I am thunderstruck. This is sooooo easy, but it had not occurred to me until i read this.

Why is it that so many easy, obvious things simply elude us so often?

Thank goodness for people like you, who help us pick up the missing links (umm, no pun intended -- but it was a good one!).



Invaluable! Thank you for these strategic tips. The news feeds into your own unique group is the key point that struck me. It is also easy to overlook the value of the LinkedIn share button.

I'm so glad I came upon your site via Guy Kawasaki.

Marion Ryan

Thanks Denise, great info and much appreciated, I've just implemented most of them.

Joined your LinkedIn group now too.

Richard Homes

My company had just decided to incorporate LinkedIn in their marketing strategies so I find this post really informative. Thank you!

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