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Clint Cora

I use Wordpress but started out on Blogger. I switched when I learned that it was better to host my own blog. Wordpress is harder to use than Blogger but more powerful.

Cheryl Pickett

Yep, WordPress, though I will say I started out on Blogger.com a couple of years ago. I switched to have more options and of course, more ownership of the site.

Maggie Anderson

I own my blog site on Typepad as well, with a separate URL from my Website. I chose it originally over Wordpress because I'm technically adequate but not brilliant, and 2 years ago Wordpress offered less technical support than Typepad. Would love to know if others feel that is still true?

Elizabeth Haffner

Wordpress. I have no tech skills what-so-ever, but even I can use wordpress.

Jannie Shepherd

Hi Denise, thanks for the article and the chart! I have used Typepad for 2 years because I can set up as many blogs as I like for the same annual fee and they offer domain mapping. I would be interested in learning how to use Typepad to better effect as well as knowing the differences between other platforms - but only so many hours in a day, hey?

Ramiro Rodriguez

WordPress is a lot better at SEO than Blogger because most of the optimization is automated.

But I've been able to have my Blogger rank well for my keywords by doing the SEO myself in the HTML.

The downside to the Blogger platform is the categories option. I don't have it and I've been thinking of making a separate page and listing my links by category.

I'm still thinking about it as it's going to me a manual task.

Indian T.v Serials

I use Wordpress.com & I have been pondering going self hosted WP but am still unsure wether I really will benefit from it the extra cost of hosting. I find WP.com limited as far as some things I'd like to change or some widgets I'd like to use. I tried Blogger for a while which allowed such things but one day my blog inexplicably vanished which soured me towards blogger

susan newman

Hi Denise,
I mostly use wordpress for blogs and websites, but I also love Concrete5, which is also a great free source.

Periodistas de Quintana Roo

Hi, i use wordpress, i used MT, BG, and much more, but, i preffer wordpress.

it's perfect for a blog or a company site


I used Wordpress for one of my blogs It's easy to work with and doesn't require any technical knowledge. Very user friendly for bloggers.

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