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Am amused by the name of the plugin! But seems a good idea, on the "to check out" list!

Phil Hollows

Hi Denise:

FYI FeedBlitz also has a WP plugin to encourage subscriptions from comment forms, while people are interacting with your site. It's called FeedBlitz MemberMail and you grab it from the plugins area of your WP admin panel.




Yet another reason to switch to wordpress. And I just discovered an article to switch from blogger to wordpress (on own domain) without losing SEO rankings...though I think it says to use wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

Anyways, thanks for the great idea, Denise!

Denise Wakeman

Phil, thanks for info re: the Feedblitz comment plugin. Does it work with disqus comment system?


Wonderful article. I was all set to do the What Would Seth Godin Do but then realized that it is Wordpress only. Fingers crossed that Blogger adds something similar soon

Andrew @ Blogging Guide

This is a very interesting read Denise. It is really a challenge to get subscription to our blogs but as the saying goes if there's a will there is always a way.

David Newby

Hi Denise,

I have a couple of suggestions to build subscribers:

-Placing subscription forms in several places [Ex. at the top AND at the bottom of the blog] AND
-Having big, bold calls to action

Thanks for your other suggestions. I am dabbling around with the Seth Godin plug-in you mentioned, but I have a self-hosted site. Is it possible to use it with a self-hosted site?

David Newby

Correction to my last post...

I do NOT have a self-hosted site. I am using WordPress.com for my blog...so is the plugin possible with WordPress.com?

Denise Wakeman

David, I don't use wordpress.com so I'm not sure if they have the ability to add plugins. You'll have to check with support. There may be a widget that does something similar.

Denise Wakeman

Just learned about another wordpress plugin that is similar and generates unique welcomes based on the referrer url for the person landing on your blog: http://omninoggin.com/wordpress-plugins/wp-greet-box-wordpress-plugin/

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