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Clint Cora Inspiration

This is a great idea of using celeb names although for some markets, this strategy probably has to be used sparingly rather than every other post.

Running A Small Business

I like this article. I have also found that a good way to get traffic is to interview people on your site. People love interviews. I actually have found that people don't even need to know the person you are interviewing. If you drop the name in the title like you said, people will be interested.


Great advice Heather. I write on midlife issues and will use this technique in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!

How To Mack

Nice Heather, I struggle coming up with catchy titles so this is a great trick to put into use, I know people are gonna be very excited to read my posts with the celeb names i'm about to drop... :)


Really good advice, I've only done one post about Beckham and guess what, it's one of the most popular one... What a crazy world we live in :). Need to get creative now.

Marc Azada

Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing your knowledge on how to attract readers to a blog post. This would definitely help me a lot since I'm new in this field.

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