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Clint Cora Personal Development

Blog commenting does take time but I also feel that it's worth doing by ourselves. If you let somebody else do it, they better either know your topic or how you would think when they read a comment. There's a risk that your reputation can be damaged if somebody messes up a comment by writing something that you probably wouldn't have written.

Troy Duncan

I'm anxiously waiting for when my business grows to the point when I can outsource.

Roslyn Rajasingam, Working Mom Blogger

Hi Edgar!

Yes, it is quite important to outsurce some blogging tasks to free us some precious time to do other things. I have started to outsource and hope to outsource more in the near future.

Thanks for sharing.

Michael Redding

I've spent a great deal of time blogging recently, and found that the more you do it, the better you get - like most other things. I now find myself checkout out other peoples blogs to get ideas for my my next article or formatting changes. As far as SEO and advertising, that is something that I'm picking up along the way too. My blog is not big enough yet to outsource, but it is something that I will keep in mind for the future.

Great information!


Rey Celeb SEO

Great discussion. I agree with the reputation of blog comments. However, as your business grows you want to lay out clear comments that you can provide your VA to help your link building efforts. If Tim Ferris can manage it then I am sure we can too!

Extreme John

Outsourcing has helped me cover all my daily workload and grow my business. I'm pretty much satisfied with the results. Yes it's true that outsourcing comes along with some risks but those risks can be prevented if you know proper management and handling.

Watch Cell Phones

I agree with you. Blog posts that have pictures are more appealing than those who don't have. Because as a reader, it's pretty boring to read something and not even get something visual to make things a lot more thought-provoking. Of course, you've got to find a picture that suits your topic and something that's appealing to your readers, something that's fresh.


Outsourcing is a great help especially if you are managing multiple blogs. By outsourcing your blog posts to someone, you are also opening up to new ideas and insights.

IT outsourcing

Outsourcing is really a helping hand for blogging and your points are very informative. Outsourcing helps to lessen work load. Your discussions are great help for blogging. Thank for sharing such an informative post.


Good post, but for my current "business plan", I'm doing the opposite - I have outsourced all content and turned it into a magazine/newspaper blog with constant activity..I do all the maintenance and most of the SEO, and take care of marketing, income sources

Problem is - I'm not considered a blogger...so I, personally, don't get any credibility :(

Haven't seen much people do this....
Your thoughts on this "business plan"?

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