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Do you know if Typepad allows you to organize old posts by topic in the sidebar?

Denise Wakeman

Missy, you can include your list of categories (topics) in your sidebar or you can create a manual list of posts you want to feature.


Thanks, Denise. I have the featured posts thing done, but haven't done it by categories.

Denise Wakeman

Missy, you can add the categories via the Design > Content module.

Carol Farbe

In #6 of your blog organizational tips, you recommend a plugin so folks can link to similiar articles. It shows a link for Wordpress. Is there onw for Typepad?


I would add "Edit ruthlessly!" Attention spans are positively miniscule on the Web, and even the sight of a too-long blog post is often enough to turn away a potential reader.

Denise Wakeman

Carol, check out this widget you can add to your Typepad blog for related posts: http://www.linkwithin.com

Extreme John

Consistent blogging is really essential in blogging. As a blog reader, I often become frustrated when I find interesting blogs but then I never get to see updates. And then I tend to forget the blog by then. It has also been a lesson for me as a blogger to as much as possible update my blogs consistently in order to have consistent followers and readers.

Keith Holden

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It is very important to keep ones blogs up-to-date.

In my Internet marketing business I have been able to learn such a lot from reading blogs that are very much to the point, like this one is.

This information will definitely help me with my own blog.

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