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Clint Cora Canadian Motivational Speaker

I'm currently following over 45 blogs in various topics and I find that Google Reader works best for this - so definitely RSS feeds for me.

Jesse Duckett

what are your thoughts about typepad? and is it a good place to advertise as an affiliate marketer.


I voted! Email is still my preference, but I find I'm using RSS more, partly as an attempt to keep my InBox from being so stuffed.

Como Ganhar Dinheiro na Internet

Great post, i've already subscribed to your feed.


Chris Lang

Hi Denise,

I have stopped reading my feeds as much lately, and depending on following social posts by influencers like you, Mari, Scoble, Brogan and Louis Gray.

In fact I have a social account set up that only follows the top influencers / authorities on Buzz, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

Great post and I am looking forward to the data it returns!

Dean Saliba

I'm in the minority then, I still subscribe via RSS feed. :) Weirder still is that I prefer people to subscribe to my blog via email updates. :)


I'm not much of an RSS fan...I'll always prefer e-mail over RSS.

Andrew @ BloggingGuide

Google reader is my way of following blogs. Helps keep things organized and the updates don't get messed with my regular mails. Great post. Loved the read. Thanks.

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