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Clint Cora Personal Development

Now an interesting question would be whether you are getting more traffic from your Facebook business page(s) or your Facebook personal page?

Out of the above social media sites, I seem to get most traffic still from YouTube since I'm video intensive. Then Facebook but it's a distant second with Twitter and Stumbleupon contributing a sprinkling. In my case for some reason, Twitter does not outperform Stumbleupon.

Kristi Hines

I've noticed a spike from Facebook since the Like button has been posting fuller updates on people's profiles - I bet each like generates much more traffic than it used to.


I manage my own blog, Carmine Media along with several others and multiple websites, and by far Facebook provides the most clickthroughs and drives the most traffic. Anecdotally I believe it is the way links are shared in Facebook vs. Twitter. With Twitter the tweet has to be especially clever or interesting, and with Facebook it's the link itself that creates the interest. My experience, but it seems to be echoed here in your blog. Good post.

Harsh Agrawal

For me it's always Facebook and Stumble Upon... Specially facebook has been sending me some quality traffic and best part is bounce rate is always low.

IT outsourcing

Face book is really providing maximum traffic rather then other social medias. After Face book it is the Twitter, which is providing maximum traffic. Thanks for sharing such a nice chart with the comparison for the most traffic gathering social media.

Extreme Niche Empires Scam

Nice post I thought the point about the huge growth of Facebook was particularly apt and fits in with my own experience. After seeing my business increase similar to yours I started to do a bit of research and everything became clear. In 2008 facebook had 100 million active users.

By July 2010 it had risen to 500 million active users. Guess what? by end of 2011 the figures are expected to rise to 600 million active users. Facebook is not a giant it is some kind of monster!

Cathy Miller

I just completed a guest post about LinkedIn and what I found very interesting was that while LI doesn't generate the most traffic, it averages a longer time on my site. I receive quite a bit of work from LinkedIn so I consider that quality time vs quantity.

Thanks for sharing your insight, Denise.


After reading your article, I can see that I will definitely need to tweak my Blog layout. It is much too mundane and needs a couple of widgets. Thanks for a good, short, to the point, article.


For me, it would be Facebook and twitter too! Thank you to these Social Networking site for helping me on my online business!

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