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Thanks for posting your results. This provides some education for us voters too!

MaAnna Stephenson

I was shocked at the overwhelming preference for email. I've been a strong advocate for RSS for the last couple of years. However, my stats show that most of my RSS subscribers are other developers, not my clients. I display both feed and email RSS icons on the site, but not sure my clients know the difference. I'll be trading the RSS email icon for code that includes input boxes, which is easy to do for Feedburner feeds.

On previous sites, I included the input box and links that went to another page to explain what RSS feeds are, and that they are different from the newsletter subscription. I had a lot more email subscribers on that site, but the volume was still lower than the newsletter.

Maybe I should write a new how-to post on it for folks who use Feedburner while I'm at it. Heck, I ought to just go ahead and update my RSS feed ebook and give it away on the site while I'm at it.

Thanks so much, Denise, for asking folks, and putting a couple more things on my to-do list!

 Andrew @ Blogging Guide

Very comprehensive indeed. Thanks for the tips you've got here. I will really give it a try. thanks for the share.

John Paul

More proof that RSS is becoming less and less important.

To bad since I believe if RSS was Real Time and was promoted more, people would use it more.


Thanks...very informative post. I prefer email over RSS as well.

Dr Charles Parker

Absolutely love your email/posts from Feedblitz! Do you have an easy connection to tell us how we can do that with our posts?

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