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sue white

Denise - we work with local offline businesses and this technique has been a real plus for our clients. We ask our clients to look for businesses that compliment their business and ask them to create a blog post for then and then do one for them. Many times one of our clients approaches a local business and they don't have a blog - this is a great intro for us. I encourage my clients to still have them write a post for their blog and let them see the benefits of blogging.

Camilla Have

Thanks for a nice article. I have been trying to find some guestbloggers for my site. The article has given me some new ideas how to lure some guestbloggers to my site.

Thanks again


Nice article, I like it. Guest blogging is a good way to get free exposure and some seo benefits.

empresas de consultoria

Guest posts are awesome, the owner will have incredible quality and unique content and the guest will spread their name on internet.

Lose Stomach Fat

Blogging might not make you money directly, unless you run ads on the blog (which is a bad idea anyway), but it can definitely lead to opportunities that will make you money in the long run. Blogging is a great way to prove that you "know your stuff" and can be considered a trusted resource of information. It takes time, but this often opens doors to new business relationships that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

Ajnabii@Tech blog

Hi Eric, Awesome article you shared with us, really Guest blogging is popular method for blog traffic and Pagerank, guest blogging is a unique way to get targeted traffic to your blog.

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