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Boris Mahovac

Very good article, as always, Denise.

I just wanted to add that bloggers shouldn't get hung up on "pleasing" the search engines only, as ultimately it is people who will read the content, judge it relevant or not, and based on their judgment decide to hang around that blog and hire the blog author or buy from her.

Therefore, I suggest to my clients this strategy:

1. try to find a good subject to write about (e.g. listen to you most frequently asked questions from your clients and try to answer them)

2. do some keyword research around the topic, by using some of the tools you mentioned, Denise, but also the free Google keyword tool I mentioned in my blog post on search engine optimization.

3. use the keyword phrases you compiled as Titles, heads, sub-heads, lists, bullet lists, and highlighted phrases in your copy.

4. Write a readable, simple article, using layperson's terms around those keyword phrases in such a way that it reads as an article and not as fodder for the search engines.

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Its really fun to listen to the podcast of Brian Clark as he shares and gives you lot of tips, ideas and techniques in SEO. He also mentioned the problem of having quality content farms; this happen when you trust a black hat SEO specialist that usually does spamming. So, beware in choosing an SEO company.

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Noel Sydney

I also listen to Brian Clark's podcast, and I have to agree I've learned more about SEO thanks to him. Google's attack on content farms is a prime example of why sites need to take a diversified SEO approach.

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