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Cathy Jennings

Completely agree, Denise!

I've tried several apps as well and have had issues with posts not getting posted and lack of comments and interaction.

Whenever I manually post anything -- blog posts, videos, etc. -- I always get better engagement.

Bummer not to be able to automate the process, but doesn't make sense if you don't get the results you're ultimately after.

Thanks for sharing all your great info. You are THE source for blogging for me!


Denise Sonnenberg

Thanks for checking this out Denise.

Automation is good for some things, but for right now it seems that the best results for engagement will come from manually posting.

So is it still OK to schedule posting to Facebook using Hootsuite or some other program?

Michael Manchester MA, LMHC

Thanks for the info. Great to know.

Jeanine Byers Hoag

I don't find that doing it manually makes any difference. Sometimes my posts are read, sometimes not, whether they are networked or posted manually.

Also, if I "like" them, myself, they will show up in the news feed, even if they were automated. Still doesn't mean they will get more attention.

Of course, YMMV! :)


Account Deleted

I agree. I use Networked Blogs and I'm not getting any interaction either. My blog tab was automatically added when I linked with Networked Blogs. How do I go about keeping the Blog tab and manually updating it? Do you already have a blog post on this that I can read?

Ian Brodie

Good point Denise. It's the same with Twitter. If you manually tweet your new blog posts with an enticing hand-crafted intro you get a lot more clickthroughs than if you just auto-tweet it with the standard "I just posted a new blog entry" or by exerpting the first few words of the post.


Denise Wakeman

@AshleysAvon - when you go to the settings of your Networkedblogs account there should be an option for showing posts on your wall or not. Deselect that option. I don't have NetworkedBlogs installed on my FB page anymore so I can't tell you exactly where to find it.

David Newby

Great points Denise. Everything is becoming so easy nowadays due to automation. Example, most people on my Twitter network have the auto-follow function activated, as do I. When someone follows me, I automatically follow back and even send an automatic 'Thanks for following' message to the new follower. This completely undermines the point of social networking--to be social. I have missed the opportunity to personally thank and interact with many new followers as a result. Great post...it reminds me to at least be human every now and then and interact with people, as opposed to strictly relying on automation to do all the work and develop relations with my networks. I can't imagine how many interesting people and stories I've overlooked, or simply missed.


I was just independently reviewing this today! My findings are similar. Considering why, I agree that syndicated posts don't carry the more personal touch -- and hence usually don't receive a glance for those looking to make a meaningful connection. I've often believed that a series of posted tweets, hashtagged notes, etc. made a profile look like 'no one was home' ...then I say "what's the point?!"

I have had some response to my NetworkedBlog posts, however. @AshleysAvon search for the NetworkedBlogs FB Page, and click on 'go to app' -- hope this helps.


This was really helpful to learn Denise. My networked blog was just feeding to the blog tab of my business page and I was going to try to figure out how to fix that. Because it might as well be on Mars as buried there. But now I'll just manually post and save myself the time of figuring out an automated solution.

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