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Bella StyleBook

I love reading the articles from your guests, but a lot of the information is geared toward WordPress. Is that because WordPress is the most popular deal around? Great information...thanks for sharing.

Bret Simmons

This is great! When I first started blogging I would set my links to open in a new window. Then I was told by someone that for better SEO, you should set them to open in the same window. I'm glad you set this straight because I like new windows better anyway! Thanks, Bret

MaAnna Stephenson

Thanks for letting me guest on your site today Denise.

Connie Baum

This is one of the most helpful tutorials I've seen. It demystified things I was leery of checking out on my own.

Learning that the THEME is so responsible for the way things appear on the blog was really eye opening for me.

Thank you so much for this help!


Martha Marks

Thanks for this useful help! I'm new to blogging and am using WordPress. One problem... my photos don't show up on computers with virus catchers unless viewers specifically click to allow them through. This is fine for friends, but not for strangers (who won't likely do that). Am I doing something wrong, or is there some good solution for this? Thank you!

web development company

This video is really amazing. I come to know about so many useful things from your post. Your suggestion for implementing text editor for better SEO application is commendable.

ramesh pawar

hmm...I would be very happy if the text editor automatically get the keywords from blog and format the entire post by itself :D Just a thought !

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