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David Newby

I apologize to everyone, but unfortunately my blog is currently down (pending restoration from Google). Some 'bad guys' (ie. blog spammers) created a clone of my blog to make money from advertising without having to post their own content. By default, Blogger disables all associated blogs to investigate and identify the spammer. I hope to have it up shortly. Please stay tuned; it is definitely something you do not want to miss. Please follow us on Twitter at @exchangepro. I will keep you updated with my blog;you can also share in, and track our company successes by following us there. Have a great 2011! Much success to all.


David Newby

PS. Thanks for all the tweets and FB shares!

adelaide internet marketing

congratulation David,
for this success...thanks to inform about this!!!


From your comment alone it is clear that you have really mastered the art of social media. You understand the need to relate and I like that your blog is about spiritual awareness...really a risk, but what is life without risks?

To your success!

David Newby

Thanks again for the compliments. I hope you enjoy my blog posts. It's live and available now. Check it out at www.childrensbread.com, and stay tuned for a great entry tomorrow.



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