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I use networked blogs to add my posts to my Blind Pig & The Acorn fb page. And I use typepad's fb feature to add my posts to my personal fb page. Since typepad integrated the like facbook feature-my hits have really increased. I also use a twitter app to send my BP&TA fb posts to my twitter page. I love all the automated feed pushers : )

Brad Fallon

I never had tried to feed my blog posts to Facebook, I'm still on the verge of my tutorial stage browsing for nice tips like your post. Thanks.

Denise Wakeman

Ironically, RSS Graffiti wasn't able to pull this post on to my FB page and I had to post it manually. What I do like is that I was able to see a report about WHY the feed failed (some problem with Facebook not being able to configure something in the post - probably the java script in the poll).

Nicky Kriel

I used Networked Blogs as recommended by Mari Smith. It means that I don't think about it. My blog feeds automatically into my LinkedIn Profile, but I manually use the Tweet Meme button on my blog so I can add some engagement to my Tweet. I started using Notes, but it was too inconsistent. Keep up all this great advice Denise, there is so much still to learn!

Denise Wakeman

So far, NetworkedBlogs is by far the favorite. I was using it as well until it failed on me. I was on vacation for 3 weeks and had queued up posts on two blogs to publish while I was away. Most never were published and I had to post the link manually. That started my recent quest for a better solution. So far, not one app has performed perfectly. And, some don't include the "Share" link or only post the title with no excerpt.


NetworkedBlogs is my favorite. It has failed upon occasion but seems to be the most reliable of the lot thus far. What do you think of RSS Graffiti? It might be worth checking out.

Elizabeth H. Cottrell

I am VERY interested in this discussion. After course with you and Rachna, I added Networked Blogs and Notes App. Also have had intermittent problems. Main issue is that people comment on Facebook, but don't actually come to my blog. Laura Roeder says she uses PING. I will look into RSS Graffiti.

Pati Springmeyer

I use Networked Blogs to feed the page, but only because it was pretty easy to implement. I think a post comparing the benefits and detriments of the several possibilities would be VERY useful. And then a how-to?
Best to all,

Denise Wakeman

Mari Smith is doing an entire session on this subject at the Blogging Success Summit: http://budurl.com/BSS11

Clint Cora Karate World Champion Motivational Speaker

Using Networked Blogs app. I like the fact that it shows the photo I attach to the blog post on the Facebook wall.

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