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So true. And blogging is always something you should have ideas for. It's my favorite platform for reaching potential customers and can be financially successful while still relatively easy to maintain. Thanks for the reminder.


Thank you. This is so apt, it could have been written for me. Now please excuse me whilst I go and sort my life out.

Nikki Pilkington

Fantastic post and exactly what I try to tell people - have posted in a few places to spread the word!


Sorry I stole your thunder! Now, have at it! ;)



Thanks for putting it out there. It's the number one complaint I hear from people.


Blogging after kids sleep and before they wake up, is the one rule i am following for the past 2 years ! :-) Its so thrilled to get a break in between many times :-)

Andrew @ Blogging Guide

If there's a will, there's a way. So, if you're really serious regarding blogging, you can always find the time to do it no matter what obstacle/s you're facing.

Matt the Coffee Guy

Blogging is imperative and this post is still relevant today almost a year later. It's amazing how many small business I encounter that just DON'T do it. But it's amazing what people can get done if they just turn off the tube for night like you said!

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