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Hi Denise!

Would you be able to recommend any sites where you can get pictures for free?

Great tips!



Would you (or other readers) be willing to share specific favorite resources for #1 (photos)? Thank you!

Becky Cortino

Love the humor lol Denise -- great points!
Sounds like even 'bland' is getting *some* fiber -- from plain vanilla to oatmeal ;)


Hi readers of my sister's post. One of our fave sites for photos is PhotoBucket. You may use their photos free as long as you give credit.

Office Writer

Haha, I'd also be interested to know where to get free photos! And oatmeal isn't always bland, have you seen theoatmeal.com?

Serious, though, great article. Your humorous insights will prove helpful to people in all walks of blog life.

P.I. Barrington

I'd laugh out loud but this is so true I nearly cried! This list hit on so many frustrating nerves I've actually become inspired by the fact I am not alone! I maintain a website with my sister as well(we have co-authored a mystery!)and keeping committed to it has been difficult to say the least!
This is a great (not to mention hilariously funny) post and I thank you for being so kind!


Another great place where I find free photos is Creative Commons. Again, I always give credit. You can read their rules about that on the site.

Denise Wakeman

You'll notice on this post as well as many others on this blog, that the image is from Shutterstock http://shutterstock.com (fee).

I also wrote a post about how to find and easily insert photos from Flickr using PhotoDropper (for wordpress blogs): http://www.buildabetterblog.com/2010/07/how-to-use-photo-dropper-to-add-flickr-images-to-your-blog.html

And, here's a link to an article that lists other free photo sites: http://weblogs.about.com/od/startingablog/tp/FreePhotoSites.htm

Claire Wagner

Best post I've read this week. Thanks for the truth and the laughter.

Jenny Rice

It's a very nice post, indeed. I love reading this one. Great blogging tips and with sense of humor.

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