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This is something I'm currently working on. Looking forward to hearing how others build these links. Thanks for the post.


Hi Denise

This is something I am really getting stuck into on my small niche blogs for SEO puproses.

.edu links, forum links and press releases seem to be the thing to do the job these days....

Many thanks for sharing this - something I will take time to read.




My most productive methods of getting backlinks so far has been helping others to resolve problems in the forums and guest posting.

One more strategy that works is analyzing Google Trends then making a post about an ongoing subject trend, the only thing about this is you have to be sort of quick at making a unique post. But if you it right then you'll get indexed fast along with backlinks!


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Oddly enough, I had no idea how difficult the backend of building a web-based business would be.....this is a whole, other world. Thanks for adding much needed clarity and resources. Going to take a peak at Nicole's article you cited, above.

Liza David

having back link is a good idea to attract others to your blog. But I prefer using powerful and informative content that is dynamic enough to attract visitors and readers. Thanks for upgrading with detailed information about back linking.

Automotive Seo

I think blog commenting on related sites is one good way of building backlinks. Article submissions to sites such as Ezinearticles and Hubpages and even to article syndication sites (such as UAW) is another solid way to build backlinks.

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