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Account Deleted

Hi Denise, I'm new and still shy about posting comments. But I thought it time to tell you how much I enjoy your posts. I always learn something. Thank you!

Nicky Kriel

Thank you Denise, it is handy having some useful do's. Love your advice to "write for your readers first"!

Denise Wakeman

Elli, thanks for jumping in. I'm very glad to know that you learn from my posts...blog on!


Love this post, Denise, great tips! I'd like to add, "Do: treat your blog like a business in order to attract business!" It's important to stay on point, stay consistent, create a value proposition, and stick to it! Excellent article as usual, Denise!

Keri Morgret

Michael Gray has a good post today about using an editorial calendar for SEO and deciding at what time in the year you should post for which topics (like when to post an article about Halloween).

Barbara Ling

Love #6 (Repurpose your blog content in multiple format) - it's something I need to do far more often. Perhaps once I clone myself....

Car Shipping Quote

I've always been proud of my company's blog and after judging it by this list I'm even more satisfied with it. thanks for the post.

Dianne White

Blogging and other SEO techniques must produce quality content and use effective keywords, so that the users can easily find your links in search engines and they'll get curious to click your links.

Extreme John

Excellent tips as always, that goes without saying. I will say that I am still amazed at how many blogs are missing basics like the retweet and share buttons, at this stage of the game you would think everyone would have them by now.

Tom Williams

Very solid tips. These can all work OK if you are a one-person shop. I believe firmly in using collaborative blogs in business where you have a large number of content contributors. The problem of course then is management of all these people, consistency of content, consistency of SEO keywords...etc. [full disclosure - I own a company that sells business blogging software that addresses these problems]. If you limit the business blog to one or two authors - and they coordinate with posting schedules, content, Search Terms..etc. you can be very successful. I think these 8 tips are fantastic cornerstones.

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