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Roxella Reece

What an excellent example of 'teamwork'! To know how to pool in resources in times of needs is a sign of true organization and leadership. Thank you for showing how 'it takes a village' to keep the gears working.


Loved all the guest blog spots. Great choices. Thanks and welcome back!

Joel Gray

Thanks for sharing these links. I am doing some writing on information products and I find this site very useful. Keep posting!:)

Charlie Seymour Jr

Two of the great things this list does is to show other bloggers that 1) we don't need to do it all ourselves and 2) with a little planning, we can set our websites on autopilot and let others contribute while we are away.

Of course good blog software (like WordPress) let's us "schedule" posts to any time in the future. At all times I have 4 - 6 posts scheduled and ready to go. If I need to insert a really timely article, I can just postpone one of the scheduled posts and substitute the time-sensitive post.

Take advantage of this: use others and schedule ahead - there will come a time that you are just too busy to stick to your regular schedule and you'll be thrilled to have some posts already to go out.

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