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Carol Farbe

Enjoyed your video. I had never heard of Google docs before. Great info!

Laura Christianson

I use Google Docs all the time for making backups of my files and sharing documents with collaborators, but I hadn't tried the "create documents" feature. Thanks for walking us through it.

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Great tip. Losing track of your sites means you're losing track of customers. This is a cheap and simple way to manage everything. Thanks. Anyone else try using a system like this?

Gregory Burrus

Hey Christina - great idea. its a great way to keep track since its true you get to many sites and its a nightmare to keep track of them all. Isn't there a magic button system to track them as you create them. lol.

thanks for sharing.



Nicely done. Google Docs can make things really quick and easy and I like that when I have a document in an email, I can do a preview in Google docs and never have to load it to my computer.

And as someone who has 47 websites, I understand how tough it can be to keep track of all of them and all the URL expirations.

Thanks for sharing this information... and, as someone who teaches people how to use video, I appreciate that you did it in a video!

Charlie Seymour Jr

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