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This is a great idea! We've just started our social media page a few months ago, so I think that increased traffic to our site is the first major success we've had. Also, I find that more people I know are asking about the topics we present (web accessibility, disabilities) due to the page

Blog Angel a.k.a. Joella

At first I was disappointed, because I'm not that successful and figured I wouldn't have anything to offer. But after I thought about it I realized that it's just not true.

Success is a relative thing and I have recently experienced an increase in readership on my blog and I think I' will take the time to share my story. I'm sure others would benefit from what I've learned and what I've done to make my blog more social.

Small Business Blog

I am taking advantage also of the different social networking sites and I must admit that it gives my sites huge traffic and has so far given sales. I hope to be a part of your stories about success in social media in the future.

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