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Denise Wakeman

So far, 50% are selecting "other" but not indicating what "other" is. I'm very curious. Please tell us so we can get a sense of how you're using, or not using, a blog for fundraising.


I've never really blogged for a cause but am thinking about it since I read another blog where a woman was going to be supporting causes in her blog a few times a month. I think it is a great idea.

Sandy Rees

I think a blog is a great platform for promoting a charitable cause and I'm so glad to see you doing it Denise! There are lots of nonprofits out there who need help of people like you to raise awareness for them and draw attention to their work. Kudos!

Sandy Rees
Nonprofit Fundraising Coach

Dean Saliba

Never. It might sound harsh but my blog is about making money, not giving it away.

I do sometimes mention charities on my personal blog though. :)


very interesting. I've never actually thought of it, but this seems like a very rewarding task - to promote some of our favorite charitable causes. better put it in the pipeline now. Thanks

Elizabeth H. Cottrell

Thank you for generating this discussion, Denise. Since my blog is so new, I have not yet used it to promote causes, but I certainly think I will, since I feel so strongly that giving back is an outpouring of gratitude for all I have.

As with most things in life, though, there is a balance to strike. If I am following a blog, I am usually also interested in the blogger as a person and would appreciate them more if I knew they believed in outreach. On the other hand, if they bombarded me with solicitations for their favorite charities, I would feel just as abused as if their content was all sales and no quality content.


If I come across something that I think my readers will relate to or I think is an important issue, then I want to share it. I've done this to raise awareness about school supply drives and children's hunger during the summer.


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