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Thank you Denise for again delivering more than I expected! At first the part about adding the wordpress.org plug-in viperquicktags sounding daunting. But it turned out to be so easy to find and install that I already did it and can now follow your advice. Whew! Any chance you have a video on how to get an edited iMovie from my Mac to my blog? Can't wait to share the Fun and Fit tip interviews I wangled at the recent IDEA Fitness Convention. THanks to your help I can now do that!


Hi again Denise! I figured out how to go from iMove to YouTube, then back to my blog as you instruct in your video. Basically I hit the "Share" with YouTibe in the iMovie menu then follow your other instructions from there. So much tolearn; too few brain cells left in my mental RAM!

Denise Wakeman

Hey Kymberly,

I'm glad you figured out the the imovie to YouTube situation since I'm not a MAC user and don't know imovie.

Whenever you have a video file on your hard drive, you'll need to get it to the web one way or another do it can be streamed on your blog or web site. Since YouTube is the best known and video platform, I recommend uploading videos there and then embedding on your site. Doesn't really matter where the video is edited, the file needs to get on the web.

Vlog on!

Pam Perry

Thank you Denise. YOU ARE so Thorough! Folks have to make sure that they put them on their FTP site incase youtube decides to take down all their videos. That's happened to friends of mine. LOST ALL THEIR VIDEO CONTENT because Youtube thought they were in 'violation' ...UGLY

Dean Saliba

I'm hoping to buy a flip video camera at the end of the month, depending on how much income I generate from my blog. I would probably have gone made trying to get the vids onto my blog so thanks for this. :)


No tips but I appreciate the tip on Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

Even with only 3 little videos under my belt, I find Windows Movie Maker very limiting...and slow.

Looking forward to ramping up the videos with your tips.


Lynn Jordan

Denise, thanks for this great information on getting Flip video embedded in blogs. I love my Flip, but getting the videos on a blog isn't intuitive.

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