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Great! Being a photographer myself, the best part is the auto-loading of the photo credit. yay. Nice - I will add to my blog today - thanks for the heads up!

Rich Brooks

Denise, I couldn't tell from the video, but can you limit the photos chosen to ones that are commercially available under the Creative Commons license? I always to go http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/by-2.0/ to find free photos for my blog.


That looks really helpful. Thanks for another great tip.

Denise Wakeman

Ah Rich, glad you asked. I skipped that part. In the plug-in settings you can select to show only photos that can be used commercially.


Joan Schramm

Thanks, Denise -- this is going to make it so much easier and faster to find and add pictures. It will cut my blog post creation time in half!

Blog Angel a.k.a. Joella

I had made extensive use of photodropper to add images to my blog, but my creative nature got the best of me and now I use stock.xchng (http://www.sxc.hu/home) to find free images and do a quick edit to use them on my blog.

But photodropper is really good at finding images related to your search terms and ensuring that you adhere to the licensing requirements.


Sweet! That was going to be my question. Thanks so much for the tut - I know this will come in handy.

Gagner Argent Site

Thanks for the video, I'm going to install this plugin on my wordpress blog and use it right now. I usally get my images from stock.xchng... but it takes time to choose the good one. I think it will be much faster with Photo Dropper.

Karriann Graf


Can you please explain this to me a little better the Creative Commons confuses me. If I Download this plug-in on my blog are you saying to go into the settings and select photos that can be used commercially? So that only Creative Commons photos appear? Thanks.

Denise Wakeman


The plugin works with Flickr to find photos with Creative Commons attribution. However, not all CC photos can be used for commercial purposes, like a business blog. After you install the plugin, in the settings select to show ONLY photos with that can be used commercially. That way whatever photos are displayed for you will be safe to use.

Blog on!

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