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Connie Ragen Green

Thanks for providing this information for your readers. I hope everyone will see the value of blogging, and take the time to make it a part of a daily marketing plan.

Connie Ragen Green


My blog post after hearing your interview.


Christine Hanlon
Sage Organizing LLC


Thanks for the transcript of this interview. I like the idea of the Blog Challenge and how she managed to adapt and form new rules from past experiences.


Thanks For sharing this interview! Connie sure nows her stuff!

Blog Angel a.k.a. Joella

Awesome interview! Connie is doing a great thing. Giving people a challenge where they can better their skills and improve their blog's performance is just awesome.

Thanks Denise and thanks to Connie as well for consenting to sharing this great story with us.

Jane Lee

Hi Denise:

Awesome interview with Connie Ragen Green. I was one of the participant's of Jeanette Cates and Connie Ragen Green's last 30 day and 7 day mini blog challenge. Blogging everyday has it benefit with increasing visibility, traffic, making new friends and marketing and growing one's business. You the best Densie always providing rich content. Have a great day.

Jane Lee

Suzanne Holman

Completing the last 30-day Blog Challenge with Jeanette Cates and Connie was an amazing accomplishment for me!
I loved how it got my writing juices going.

Now the challenge is getting the time reduced for creating each blog. Love both of you ladies, Connie and Denise! You are real, authentic women!


Thank you for the very good post! It’s high quality. I have been visiting your website for a long time already and it’s the first time I leave a comment. Keep up the excellent job and keep on delivering the best value! thanks


Hi Denise,

I took part in the 30 day blog challenge too. It definitely increased my visibility and I met some interesting people (including Helen). I will be following this up next time but with a slightly different slant.
Keep up the good work

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