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Thanks for these recommendations. You've provided a good selection here, and I'll gladly share it with my friends who are still considering building a blog

Curious Ellie

The best tip of all would be to steer clear of Wordpress as your introduction to the Blogosphere! I'm re-reading while previewing now, and apologize for the negativity.)

TypePad is very accessible for a novice blogger, and one can move to the paid service if interested in SEO and widgety stuff. Actually, even the free TypePad option generates an XML sitemap of your blog, you can submit it to Google so you can be "found" in a Google search. I began my blogging using WordPress, and did it without mentor or instructive materials. I had a really tough time with it, still do, actually.

I'll concede that there is a certain status, maybe URL panache, associated with Wordpress. If you MUST go the Wordpress route, it's probably a good idea to heed Denise Wakeman's advice, and get some guidance when starting out.

Phillip Dews

Hi Denise, great post here! I totally agree with you there! Blogging is the way forward and everyone should do it, after all its only a few dollars (or pounds in my case) a month! I have written an eBook on how to set up your own self hosted wordpress blog and i touch on the plugins, getting traffic and ultimatly making money online!

I am currently pumped up at the mo as I went to Mark Anastasi's Clickbank Millionair Seminar on London last Thurdsay and met some very influential Clickbank Millionairs including Chris Farrel as well as having a pint with my mentor Ben Hulme in the bar there!

Anyway I realised something wrong with my blog after chatting to Chris Farrell and that is I was offering my Book as a free download and not showing it enough respect!

Basically chris said that the money is in the list! so have now invested in Aweber but am still offering my book as a free download which is kinda like a tasty morsel for my readers to get their teet into! For me I think the perfect business model goes like this.

Blog -> Product (or Products) -> Traffic -> List = Money

What do you think? anyway would love for you to critique my book for me!

Great post Denise. and Will be back for more!

-Phillip Dews

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