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Yolanda Comparan

What are the most important plug ins any new blogger should have?

Bud Bilanich

Great interview Denise.
Good information for someone like me who does daily blog posts.
Thanks for this.
Bud Bilanich
The Common Sense Guy
PS -- I've just released a new book "Success Tweets: 140 Bits of Common Sense Career Success Advice, All in 140 Characters or Less. I'm giving away the eBook version at www.SuccessTweets.com


Great interview - I'll be sure to check out the book...

David Frawley

How do you recommend measuring the effectiveness of a new blog. Are there specific benchmarks to monitor?

Joan Stewart

Four Questions:

--Under what circumstances, if any, do you ever edit comments left at your blog? Occasionally, I come across a good comment at my blog that's sprinkled with four-letter words. My blog is a business blog, and my readers have taken offense at things like that and let me know it.

--I'm getting more and more spam comments of the "Great post. Couldn't have said it better myself" variety that are left by people whose URL is something like FreeRingTones.com. I've been deleting all of those because they're obviously spam. But sometimes it isn't so easy to tell. Do you give your commenters the benefit of the doubt?

--How much do you edit guest blog posts?

--Should guest blog posts always be original content?

Thanks for your responses.

Susan Scott

Can't wait to read your newest edition of ProBlogger! How does a new blogger really get their pulse on what their audience needs if they don't have a lot of people commenting at their blog yet? I'm guessing you'll suggest hanging out at related blogs and forums, so my next question would be - how many hours per week of perusing other blogs would you say it takes to really get a good "feel" for your audience?

Chris Garrett

@Yolanda - It really depends on the blog and the blogger, but a strong anti-spam plugin is the first step, such as Akismet on WordPress, then a way to keep commenters coming back, so Disqus or Subscribe to Comments. Either a strong SEO theme like Thesis, or All in One SEO pack would be next.

@David - Measure against your goals. For one blogger it would be audience, subscribers, for another it would be purely how much money it makes. What you measure you get more of. In general you want your subscriber count, unique visitors and return visitors to grow.

@Joan - Have a comments policy and stick to it. I don't want people swearing, being abusive, or any of that stuff. I do not allow people to spam, use "keyword" names (although Disqus is riddled with that and I can't see a way to stop it). On the blogs where I have had guest posts I have only done light editing, mainly the really bad or obvious stuff, but as a guest blogger I appreciate when people edit my stuff and improve it, such as at Copyblogger. Guest posts should always be 100% original unless the blog owner specifically asks if they can reuse something of yours.

@Susan - Yes hang out where your audience hangs out, online or off. Most successful bloggers are part of the community they write for so it is like immersion. If you have to research then most of the research will be at the start, as things gain momentum you need to do less because people will come to you with what they need.

Mary Esther Miranda Gilbert

Hello gentlemen,

Thank you for your valuable advice. I am a holistic nutritionist, researcher, and writer. I have reconstructed my web site and added a new blog, which is now ready to be published online. However, I am contemplating also publishing a bi-monthly ezine, but it seems that a blog and ezine are very similar. Should I combine the two to include linked ads for my products, services and event announcements on the same page?

Thank you,
Mary Esther Miranda Gilbert

Susan Scott

Thanks for taking the time to answer our specific questions! Very cool.

Darren Rowse

David - depends upon your goals I guess. I personally look at things like earnings (I'm in this to make money), visitor numbers, comment numbers (measures engagement), incoming links (shows that other bloggers are engaging), Retweets (shows how much people are promoting it) etc

but other bloggers will probably be monitoring other factors too.

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