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Pots and Pins

Hi Denise: I love the idea of signing up subscribers and providing a free gift...but I think I need to update my blog first...do you consult? I could use some help! Thanks, Nan

Denise Wakeman

Hi Nan, yes, I do consult. I usually recommend starting with a blog review and then going forward from there if necessary. You can get info about my detailed blog review program: http://blogsquadcritique.com or get info about hourly consulting here: http://denisewakeman.com/work-with-denise/

Blog on!


Hi Denise,

I'm just getting started with building a list... other than the ones you mentioned (Twitter, Facebook etc) I signed up with Mail Chimp because it's free, but do you know if they are any good? I signed up yesterday so it's early days yet.

Denise Wakeman

Hi Natalia, I don't use MailChimp so I cannot comment on it. I know others who do and are happy with it. I use 1ShoppingCart to manage my database and complete ecommerce system and I don't want to manage multiple list servers so I stick with one system.

Maybe other readers use MailChimp and can comment on how they like it.

Blog on!

Denise Wakeman

Phil Hollows, the founder of Feedblitz, sent me a link to a comparison chart between Feedblitz and Feedburner:



The company i recently started to work for wants me to start blogging so thanks for all the information, it will help me with the internship :)


I'd like to add that offering free workbooks to your readers can encourage them to subscribe and more importantly, stay in your list.


I agree with you that many bloggers neglect their readers which is a bad step. In this way they not only loss their bloggers but their business as well.


I totally agree with you regarding the preference of reading blog/site updates through email rather than reading it in RSS. It saves me time. Average users tend to open their emails every time they use the internet. When I open my email. The updates are there, and i can read right there straight. And Email option is less technical.

Rewarding the audience is also a common practice done by professional bloggers. Like giving them informational e-books in exchange for their subscription. It's a great way to build your list. It's a package actually. You get people to subscribe and at the same time. You're taking care of your list.

Carlos of "Vacuum Cleaners | vac"

Diane Bolden

Hi Denise,

I was happy to find something that touches on both Feedblitz and Aweber. I am using Feedblitz's service to send email updates to my blog subscribers every time I post a new article (and I use the free gift option as well). It's working well. Recently, I decided to create a membership program that relies on autoresponders and am going to be using Aweber for that. I am wondering if you would recommend that I transfer my subscriber list over to Aweber since they now also have the RSS to email service, or if it would be better to just stick with Feedblitz ($10/month) for my blog subscribers (so that I don't have to move everything over) and use Aweber just for the autoresponder ($19/month) but not my blog subscribers. Are there advantages to having everything in one system (Aweber) that outweigh the hassle of transferring all my subscribers and creating all new templates and opt in boxes, etc.?

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