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This is a great idea to organize your questions and ensure that most of them, at least, would be received in one place. I'll keep this in mind when I have a specific question in mind. Thanks.b

Maggie Anderson Words That Work

Denise -- I can imagine you get inundated with questions. You are the first person I thought of for this one! When you want to do a background check, and/or keep up with what is publically available about you on-line and off-line, who are the best companies doing that? Thanks for this and all the great info you share! Maggie


Hi Denise,
Im new to blogging and Ive been reading that if you follow the blogs of others, more traffic comes to your blog, and thats great. BUT I have a free blog (homemadecroutons@blogspot.com) and Ive heard that those sites will shut you down if you get too much traffic. Should I spend the money and set up my own domain? I dont want to do all this work if Im going to get shut down.
Thanks so much for your help!

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