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Becky Holland

It doesn't much matter to me where I receive feedback, as long as I know my readers are getting value from what I've posted... as you mentioned above. I am currently participating in a guest blogging contest and the winner is determined by comments on the blog. For this, I requested specifically that comments be left on the blog and even directed people to an article I'd written on how to leave a comment on a blog...for those who were not familiar with the process.

I usually try to leave a comment wherever I read the full post. I prefer networked blogs to bringing the entire blog into facebook also because this encourages readers to view the blog post on your blog and in the format you have written it instead of the facebook conversion... which is sometimes less esthetically pleaseing.

Marjorie Clayman

I've been asking this question about Twitter moreso than Facebook. For example, I saw this post on Twitter but am responding here on the Blog - is that the right thing to do?

Personally, I like it when a blog gets retweeted. That shows me that a person read the whole thing, liked what they saw, and opted to share it.

Sandy Rees

I agree with Becky. I don't think I care where readers leave a comment as long as they leave one. I love interacting with my readers!

Sandy Rees
Fundraising Coach

The Diet Guy

I also agree it doesn't really matter, although I prefer my blog as easier to refer back to long term.



I prefer the comments to be on the blog. Maybe because my blog is fairly new, but I want to feel popular at my site! And how I encourage it is with humor. Or fear-based threats of retribution. Those have always worked well! Nah, humor. And whimpering. Since my blog is funny, it is appropriate to use humor with my commentors, I think.

Denise Wakeman

Marjorie, you make a good point and thanks for clicking through from Twitter!

There is no right or wrong for where you choose comment. Yes, a desired action is to get a retweet on the link to the blog post, and then a click through and a comment.

I wonder how many people actually read the blog post vs. simply retweet because the title has caught their attention. That's why it's important to have all the options for sharing available on the blog post as well so you improve your odds for getting the post seen by as many people as possible.

Either way, I appreciate the attention and the engagement however and wherever it's done.


I appreciate all the comments made in our posts, but I prefer our readers to comment directly in our blogs rather than in Facebook. I guess the main reason is that I like seeing more comments in our site.

Chris Brown

I like Networkedblogs too. They recently did something that I think made it even faster. I wrote a blog post the other day, then tweeted it out with a #in for LinkedIn and switched over to Facebook and NetworkedBlogs had already pushed it out on my fan page.

Kathy Colaiacovo

I'm also okay with comments in either place and agree with Becky, as long as they are getting value - that is more important to me...however from the point of view of the "commenting party" I think it's good to do a mix of both.
Commenting on facebook can connect you with more people who view your comment and commenting on the blog is an opportunity for the same but by entering your name and website you are also providing a link back to your site. People can check you out if desired. It also provides a backlink to your own site and I believe this helps increase your online presence and help with seo.


This is very helpful to me as a new blogger.I already received few comments on my blog posts. I thanked them for doing that. At this time I appreciate comments regardless of where they are posted.

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