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I just want to know what their tips are for persons who have chosen a relatively narrow niche: things to avoid, things to focus on, etc. Thanks


How do you successfully upload photos from Flickr to your Typepad blog? I have seen no easy instructions on how to do this. Anbd a lot of people who have complain that when they post w/ a flickr photo, they revisit their blogs to find the photo is gone. Any other easy tips about posting photos to yr blog is appreciated.

Phyllis Misevich

Hi Denise,
Here's my question for you, Chris, and Garrett.

If you sell widgets, but blog about how to market your small widget business online and offline, how do you actually get widget sales.

Where and when do you talk about your primary business? Should the blog be on the primary widget business instead of writing about solving a problem in the widget industry.

Looking forward to your response.

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