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Linda Hampton

Thanks for answering this question Denise. I've been a bit perplexed about the entire blog vs squeeze page dilemma. What you said make so much sense.

It has been a bit uncomfortable always sending everyone directly to my squeeze page when sending them to my blog may be the most appropriate choice.

There is never a one size fits all. At least now I won’t feel like I’m going against the “holy grail of advice” when I feel it’s appropriate to send people to my blog first.

Of course another great solution is to have a “door” to your blog when a prospect lands on your squeeze page. And without question having a way for people sign up for your email list on your blog page is just smart business blogging.

Denise Wakeman

Linda, you're right. There is never a "one size fits all" answer. It's not black or white. And, you've got to know your audience and the context for what you're doing.

Experimenting and using tracking links is a good idea too. Send people to a squeeze page or your blog and see which action performs better.

Terrance Charles

Exactly. Just about every website you have should have a squeeze page on it wether it's after a puchase, on your blog, linking from your social networking sites, or even on your salesletter. You get the most subscribers when you give valuable content and walk them through to get more to your email list.

Even with my email list, from time to time I send them to my social networking sites. Why? Because it builds that know, like and trust factor with them and they'll be more eager to stay on your subscriber list because they actually get to interact with you in other places and get more value from these other places. Drive traffic, build your list, and build a relationship. Great post Denise :)

Sharon Hill

Hi Denise,

I'm glad this topic came up because I wondered if I should be sending everyone to one place but now I know I don't need to.

I started my audio blog after taking your "From Platform to Profit" class and almost sent people to my squeeze page. Then I remembered you and Rachna suggested sending people to the blog to read the post, if they want to, so that is what I'm doing.

I send people to my squeeze page when I post video on YouTube and articles on sites.

Thanks for always providing information that helps me be visible online. I just received Lesson #25 of Online Visibility Secrets and am sad I only have one lesson to go. A couple of friends have told me they are impressed - they see me everywhere online.

Warren Whitlock

Sometimes you need to know who's interested to move things forward. If they don't trust me enough to allow me to email them, they aren't ready for my next step.

We're seeing tests now where total sales go up by eliminating a requirement to opt in before seeing a sales page.


I like the idea of experimenting with a blog and a squeeze page. I think we need to take some time before we start examining data and make a conclusion for each one though.

David Frey


I kill two birds with one stone.

Here is one of my blogs. You'll see it's a squeeze page and a blog.



Faith | UPrinting

This is a very important source of information for bloggers. I've learned so much from your post especially the experimenting stuffs on your blog. It's kinda scary to do because you'll do some trial and error thing but at least you'll know what are the best things to do for your blog.

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Squeeze Page Software

I prefer using blogs and squeeze pages simultaneously. Although I'm getting more leads from my squeeze pages, it's more beneficial when my blogs are sending me additional leads. I think the advantage of squeeze pages is the fact that it's highly-customizable. A well-designed squeeze page is one of the main keys.

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