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I particularly enjoyed the point about making podcasts and slideshows out of your previous posts as a content syndication technique.

Debbie "Takara" Shelor

I just recently put up a new blog, so this article arrived at the perfect moment. I had already implemented some of the strategy discussed. But I was unaware of a few key suggestions. So thanks.

Kathleen Gage

Outstanding post. The information on repurposing is so important. Most people work far too hard and with repurposing you get more out of your efforts.



this article brings a light on an aspect I never paid attention to : Rss registeries. Thanks for the tip. I'll put it to use first our tomorrow. thank you.

Kathleen, glad to meet you here. ;-)



Great article.

With FireFox and Google Reader I am starting to get a better understanding of the real power behind RSS.

Your tip of repurposing the content just added a extra touch that I most definitive will apply.

Cheers.. Are

Denise Wakeman

This post has now also been repurposed as a video:


These are great ideas and something I have not been taking advantage of. Thank you for the heads up.

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